Jiangsu honorise Printing Co., Ltd.was founded in 1997 - Branded in China and abroad .

Located in Jiangning District, Nanjing Zhangcun Industrial Park. Companies specializing in the production of various plastic flexible packaging, in mold labeling, heat transfer film, and other products, the product is widely applied in various food, household chemicals, agricultural chemicals, plastic products, glass products, metal products and bamboo products Other industries ...

Our Mission: The maximization of the customer interests, employee interests, interests of shareholders, that is, to maximize the value of the company......

The main advantage of IML (IN MOLD LABEL )

> 1 :Achieve fully automated production, improve efficiency and reduce costs.
2: Improve the product performance of the container.
3: Exquisite high-definition printing quality, beyond the traditional printing process results.
4:Label does not fall off, durable color, easy to damage, water and oil, mold, acid, abrasion, low temperature, soaking and so on. ...

Jiangsu honorise Printing Co., Ltd.

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